By publishing reproducible music, the consumers (choirs and churches) save many dollars. Below is a statement of our philosophy. Please read this and visit our secure online store!

Statement of Philosophy

The Christian Church receives wonderful gifts from God apart from any worthiness of Her own. In return for His gifts of forgiveness, life, and salvation given through the Holy Word and the Sacraments, She sings thanksgiving and praise unto the God Who saved Her; through Psalms, hymns, and Spiritual songs She declares His gracious works. The finest musical expressions by the Church occur within the liturgy. When it comes to the choir or other ensembles, Salpidzo Press remains guided by this teaching by Carlos R. Messerli in “A Handbook of Church Music” (p. 129ff): “The specific tasks to be undertaken by the choir in fulfilling its proper function may be ranked in order of importance:

The choir encourages hearty and devout participation by the people in the liturgy and hymns that are assigned to the congregation.
The choir sings the texts of the liturgy assigned to it; it may also, upon occasion, sing the texts that are now usually given to the people or pastor, but for which liturgical precedent made choral provision.
The choir sings such music attendant to the liturgy as may be appropriate and possible.”

For that reason Salpidzo Press provides music for the choir:

  • to sing hymns in alternation with the congregation,
  • to sing Propers assigned to it, and
  • Motets which can be sung as appropriate and possible.

Music for organ and other instruments is also provided following these same principles.

A choir, ensemble, or Church need only buy one copy of a piece and they have the right to make as many copies as they need.

Salpidzo Press is also interested in publishing music of other composers who follow the same principle.