Festive and Solemn Psalms


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Look Inside (Psalm 91)

Look Inside (Psalm 98)

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As my co-worker in the parish often says, “Psalms are meant to be sung!” The singing of Psalms has a rich history, going back to the Tabernacle in the wilderness and to the Temple in Jerusalem. Sometimes the entire Psalm is sung by the choir (with or without instruments). Sometimes the congregation joins in with the singing of a Refrain. Other times the congregation joins in with the singing of the verses in alternation with the choir. This collection of Festive and Solemn Psalms has variety in the manner of singing the Psalms and in the musical forces required. May the Psalm setting be a blessing to you and your congregation!


Psalm settings for various voicings.
Psalms included:

  1. Psalm 2
  2. Psalm 8
  3. Psalm 16
  4. Psalm 22
  5. Psalm 46
  6. Psalm 47
  7. Psalm 51
  8. Psalm 72
  9. Psalm 91
  10. Psalm 98
  11. Psalm 110
  12. Psalm 143
  13. Psalm 149