First Salpidzo Choir Book (SATB)


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Today Is Born Emmanuel

The Infant Priest

Arisen Is the Christ, our Lord

I Fall Asleep in Jesus’s wounds

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Church musicians have the great honor and duty to proclaim Jesus Christ! Music of varying difficulties and forms is needed for the liturgical choir. In this First Salpidzo Choir Book one will find such music for the Church Year: some selections are easier than others; some are longer than others. All are faithful expositions of the faith via one of God’s greatest gifts – music! May these settings be of service in the liturgical choir’s proclamation of God’s Word and the singing of His praise!


Advent Alleluia—–Thomas E. Lock 2 (Advent)

Today Is Born Emmanuel—–Michael Praetorius 5 (Christmas)

Rejoice, Rejoice, this Happy Morn—–Johann Sebastian Bach 9 (Christmas)

The Infant Priest Was Holy Born—–Thomas E. Lock 11 (Christmas, Epiphany, Holy Communion)

Blessed Are All Who Are Called—–Thomas E. Lock 19 (Holy Week, Holy Communion)

Arisen Is the Christ, Our Lord—–Samuel Scheidt 22 (Easter)

Firm in Thy Truth Retain Us—–Johann Sebastian Bach 24 (Reformation, General)

Oh, How Glorious Is the Kingdom—–Thomas E. Lock 26 (All Saints, Funerals)

I Fall Asleep in Jesus’ Wounds—–Thomas E. Lock 30 (All Saints, Funerals)