Supplementary Hymns 2016 – Organist Edition


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The following hymns will require both the Congregational and Organist Edition.

  • When All Was Still
  • By Adam’s Fall Man’s Frame Entire
  • The Lover of Our Fallen Race
  • How Glorious Is This Easter Day
  • Lord Jesus, How Thy Tears Did Burn
  • The alternate key for I Fall Asleep in Jesus’ Wounds

PDF Sample:

When All Was Still

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The Church responds to God’s love in Christ by singing the faith She has received. In every age authors and composers have written hymn texts and music to confess the saving faith in Christ. Salpidzo Press provides these hymns (new and old) which are not in Lutheran Service Book so that the Church may sing the new song of the Gospel in ever richer ways. Thanks are given for the use of hymns (texts, translations, and tunes) to Steven S. Billings, Chad L. Bird, Matthew Carver, and Duane Osterloth. May this collection be a blessing to the Church!


  1. From God I’ll Not Be Severed (Advent – Neumeister text; Lock translation/tune)
  2. When All Was Still (Christmas – Lock text and music)
  3. In Bethlehem, the House of Bread (Christmas – Bird text; Lock tune)
  4. Saints, Look, Behold What Happened Here (Circumcision/New Year – Lock text; tune Angelus)
  5. Now Is the Time, Dear Soul, Awake (Epiphany – Carver translation)
  6. By Adam’s Fall, Man’s Frame Entire (Lent – MENTIONED IN BOOK OF CONCORD; NOT the ersatz translation we have in our hymnals.  Carver translation)
  7. O Man, Bewail Thy Grievous Sin (Judica/Confession of Sins – Lock translation)
  8. The Lover of Our Fallen Race (Andrew of Crete text; Osterloth translation)
  9. Jesus Christ, Our Blessed Savior (Easter, not Communion hymn of similar name; Lock translation)
  10. Arisen Is the Christ, Our Lord (Easter – Lock translation)
  11. How Glorious Is this Easter Day (Easter – classic hymn by N. Herman; Lock translation)
  12. My Jesus Is My Shepherd King (Easter/Good Shepherd – Neumeister text; Lock translation and music)
  13. O Holy Ghost, Thou Gift Divine (Pentecost)
  14. Lord Jesus, How Thy Tears Didst Burn (General – J. Heermann text; Carver translation)
  15. Sweet Mary Bore a Rose (Redeemer – Billings text and tune; Lock harmonization)
  16. Lord God, to Thee We Give All Praise (St. Michael – Hymnal translation; Lock tune)
  17. If God Forsook Us at this Time (Reformation – Lock translation)
  18. I Fall Asleep in Jesus’ Wounds (Funeral – Eber text; Lock tune)